What is the difference between high quality movies on PhimHDO and other movie sites?
Is a bluray (reencoded) movie, with resolutions from Full HD (1080p), 2K, 4K, 3D, while most other movie sites only have up to HD resolution (720p) as the highest.
High quality, the amount of data per second (bitrate) is 5-10 times higher than regular online movies - this is the determining factor of the sharpness of the movie (even more important than the resolution).
5.1 sound (6 channels) instead of stereo (2 channels) like other movie sites (including Youtube).
If you are not satisfied with the available subtitles, you can upload your own subtitles to watch online.
Note: High quality movies are played based on torrents, so the waiting time before watching will be a bit longer (about 10s - 60s), if there are any errors you should switch to MultiSub link or Backup link.